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(영문) 전주지방법원 2017.04.26 2017고단101

A defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for six months.

However, the execution of the above sentence shall be suspended for a period of two years from the date this judgment becomes final and conclusive.


Punishment of the crime

The Defendant is currently in a marital relationship with the victim C (V, 51 years of age) and the legal couple, and the victim D (44 years of age) is still in a divorce procedure. The victim D (44) remains within the said victim C, and is married after the victim C divorceds with the Defendant. The Defendant and the victims drafted a contract to sell the loan owned by the Defendant to the victim D at the “F cafeteria” located in Kim Jong-si, Kim Jong-si, around September 11, 2016.

피고 인은 위 일시 및 장소에서, 피해자 C와 피해자 D를 만 나 뒤따라 들어가면서 피해자 C가 어깨에 메고 있던 가방과 손에 들고 있는 서류가방을 빠르게 낚아채는 방법으로 가져간 다음, 위 식당 주차장에 있는 피고인의 G 쏘나타 승용차로 달려가 운전석에 탑승하여 시동을 켜고 재빠르게 도망하려고 하였으나 피해자 C와 피해자 D가 따라와 피해자 D는 위 승용차의 열려 있는 운전석 문을 잡고, 피해자 C는 열려 있는 운전석 창문으로 몸을 넣어 피고인을 도망하지 못하게 하자, 위 승용차의 시동을 켜고 급출발하여 피해자들을 위 주차장에서 약 5미터 떨어진 지점에서 튕겨 나가게 하였다.

As a result, the Defendant suffered from the victim C with multiple diversous salt fruits and bid prizes that require approximately two weeks of treatment, and the victim D with approximately two weeks of treatment.

Summary of Evidence

1. Statement by the defendant in court;

1. Each police statement made with respect to C and D;

1. Each written diagnosis;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes to the scene and the body photograph of victims;

1. Articles 258-2 (1) and 257 (1) of the Criminal Act concerning the facts constituting an offense;

1. Articles 40 and 50 of the Criminal Act of the Commercial Competition;

1. Articles 53 and 55 (1) 3 of the Criminal Act to mitigate small amount;

1. Circumstances unfavorable to the reasons for sentencing under Article 62(1) of the Criminal Act of the suspended sentence: The injury was inflicted by using a dangerous vehicle, and circumstances favorable to the victims who did not reach an agreement: