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(영문) 서울북부지방법원 2017.12.06 2017고단4209


A Imprisonment with prison labor for one year, and for eight months, each of the defendants B.


Punishment of the crime


On December 29, 2011, A was sentenced to 8 months of imprisonment with prison labor for the attempt of attack, etc. at the Seoul Eastern District Court, and on August 7, 2012, the Seoul Southern Southern District Court completed the execution of the sentence.

[Structureed to commit fraud in lending money for lease on a deposit basis for houses] The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport operates the system of lending money for lease on a deposit basis, which loans at a rate lower than that of the time when applying for a loan with only certain documents, such as a certificate of employment, detailed statement of salary, etc., without any special security, to stabilize the residence of homeless workers with financial resources from the National Housing Fund.

However, the fact that the financial institution entrusted with the affairs related to the loan of the deposit of the deposit of the deposit of the house will conduct a fraudulent examination and loan, and the broscers, after inviting false lessees and those who will act as the lessor, shall prepare a false certificate of employment and a written lease contract to the lessee, and the lessee shall file an application for the loan of the deposit of the house with the financial institution as above. The false lessee shall cooperate with the preparation of the lease of the house and apply for the loan of the house while submitting the documents related to the false employment and the written lease of the house to the financial institution. The lessor shall, upon request of the financial institution to verify the existence of the contract of the lease of the deposit of the house, enter into the contract as if he entered into the lease of the house, withdraw the loan of the deposit of the deposit of the loan and distribute the loan after receiving the loan of the loan to his accomplice.

[Specific criminal facts] The Defendants are aware of the following facts: (a) using a false lease agreement and a certificate of employment prepared as if a person who does not have a house with F as if he rents a house; (b) obtain a worker loan from a financial institution and obtain such loan from the financial institution; and (c) Defendant B.