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(영문) 부산지방법원 동부지원 2017.03.30 2016가합104042

1. The defendant's KRW 500,000,000 and its amount among the plaintiff

A. From June 21, 2001 to April 16, 2003, 253,887,026 won


1. Comprehensively taking account of the overall purport of arguments as to Gap evidence Nos. 1 through 4 (including additional numbers), the Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund may file a lawsuit against the defendant and representative liquidator, etc. for the amount of indemnity claim No. 2006da1501, Aug. 24, 2006 with the Seoul Central District Court. "The defendant, etc. jointly and severally notified the plaintiff of the amount of KRW 653,94,968 and KRW 331,61,329 from June 21, 2001 to April 16, 2003, with the defendant 18% annual interest rate of KRW 165,330,410 from June 28, 2001 to April 16, 2003; and with the defendant 20% interest rate of KRW 156,175,410 from June 16, 200 to April 16, 2016 to 2013."

Therefore, the defendant is obligated to pay the money stated in Paragraph (1) of the Disposition sought by the plaintiff among the money in accordance with the above judgment to the transferee of the bonds.

2. On this issue, the Defendant asserted that the Defendant could not comply with the Plaintiff’s request because B was granted immunity on the obligation to the Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund as the District Court Decision 2010Da3485, but the Defendant’s claim is without merit, on the ground that B was granted immunity.

3. If so, the plaintiff's claim of this case is reasonable, and it is decided as per Disposition with the assent of all participating Justices.