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울산지방법원 2016.05.10 2016고단38

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of two million won.

If the defendant does not pay the above fine, KRW 100,000.


Punishment of the crime

"2016 High Order 38" refers to the heads of Alba-D branch offices, the defendants, and the members of the above branch offices, and the defendant C and E are members of the above branch offices, and the victim F did not pay wages to the part-time workers. On June 2015, 2015, the defendant and C and E wanted to interfere with the victim's coffee shop business by finding the victim's business together with the victim's business at the part-time of the victim's business.

On June 17, 2015, from around 13:10 to 14:05 of the same day, the Defendant and C/E returned to the coffee shop in the condition that they wear the h’s flab in the “H” coffee shop,” as stated in the “Ababaon”, and provided a flab on wages, etc. to the victim, and C made a reply to the delayed payment of wages, etc. to the customers who had been in his/her place.

The defendant, C, and E mean the large voice, and the defendant, and C, and E mean the customers, “I have the right to read the coffee of various minutes and the owners of the stores so that they can drink and drink.”

“In order to prevent customers who had entered the coffee shop, such as a disturbance, from entering the disturbance, or to let the customers who had been on the disturbance set up a coffee shop, thereby obstructing the victim’s coffee shop business by force.

Accordingly, the Defendant conspiredd with C and E to interfere with the victim's work by force.

"2016 Highest 455"

1. On April 11, 2015, the National Countermeasures Council for the People's Republic of Korea (I, etc.) for the Sewol ferry (I, etc.) and on April 16, 2015, the Family Council for the Residents' Family in the April 16, 2015, which is the center of the Plaintiff's bereaved family members, held a “the promotional cultural title, which is the abolition of the Enforcement Decree of the Government” from April 10, 2015 to the 19:000 of the same day, in order to commemorate the victims of the Sewol ferry in the March 16, 2015.

The above cultural system.