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대법원 2018.08.30 2018도10186

The appeal is dismissed.


The grounds of appeal are examined.

The argument that the judgment of the court below erred by violating the principle of balance of punishment and the principle of responsibility due to the lack of deliberation on the conditions of sentencing, constitutes an unfair argument of sentencing.

According to Article 383 (4) of the Criminal Procedure Act, only in cases where death penalty, life imprisonment, or imprisonment with or without prison labor for not less than ten years is imposed, an appeal shall be allowed on the grounds of unfair sentencing.

In this case where a more minor sentence is imposed against the defendant, the argument that the punishment is too unreasonable is not a legitimate ground for appeal.

Therefore, the appeal is dismissed. It is so decided as per Disposition by the assent of all participating Justices on the bench.