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1995-09-05 | 시권1995-069 | 9509광고801 | 시정권고
Representative Measure Type

Recommendations for Correction

Resolution Number

City area 1995-069

Case Number

9509 Advertising801

case name

Cases concerning the unfair advertising practices of Sulphran

Date of Resolution


Attachment Files

Si area95-69.hwp

Si authorities95-69.Pdf

Persons with serious mind

: A copy of the representative of Sejong Distribution

Pursuant to Article 51 of the Act, I recommend that the above-mentioned anti-act shall be corrected in accordance with the following provisions of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"):

Fair Trade Commission

Matters of corrective recommendation

No person shall commit any act that may mislead consumers by advertising differently from the fact that he/she sells wood products made from water roots trees for not less than 100 years in selling a wood product while selling such wood products.

Violation of law

1. In a daily newspaper, the respondent has advertised the wood made from water rootss (ear trees) with a large discount of 278,000 won (47 pieces) over a 100-year-old 100-year-old and sold them at a low price.

2. In case of the same act as the inquiree; and

- The water roots of not less than 100 years of receipt is hard to save it, and even if it is necessary to bear the cost much higher than the selling price of the manufacture even if it was made by the water roots as such, so it is difficult to view that the material roots sold by the person under question was only the water roots of not less than 100 years of receipt of the wood period as being 10 years of receipt, and therefore, it is recognized by the person under question to sell the wood roots of not less than 100 years of receipt by the person under question, so advertising is a false advertising act that might mislead consumers.

Application of Acts and Subordinate Statutes

The act of the respondent is in violation of Article 23 (1) 6 of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act by falling under the category of unfair trade practices and criteria of subparagraph 1 of Article 9 (False and Exaggerated Advertisement).

Time Limit for Correction

Any correction shall be made immediately from the date of accepting such corrective recommendation.

The notification period of acceptance or acceptance;

It shall be notified in writing within seven days from the date of receipt of the recommendation for correction.

Measures for Refusal of Acceptance

If the interested parties refuse to accept this corrective recommendation, they will be subject to separate measures by making a decision of the Fair Trade Commission.