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서울남부지방법원 2015.09.09 2015고정1189

The sentence of sentence shall be suspended for the defendant.


Punishment of the crime

On December 15, 2014, at around 16:00 on December 15, 2014, the Defendant: (a) concealed a large banner owned by the victim on the ground that the victim’s 3rd floor window of the management office of the place in Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul Metropolitan Government, stating that “If the victim’s desire is high and the person is aware of the seat of the seat and the person becomes aware of the seat of the seat, the lost seat 5 years shall be compensated by the person who is the victim; and (b) destroyed the above banner on the market price by removing and concealing it on the

Summary of Evidence

1. Court statement of the defendant (the third court date);

1. Written statements of D;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes governing photographs of damaged articles;

1. Article 36 of the Criminal Act and Article 366 of the Criminal Act concerning the crime, the choice of fines;

1. Penalty fine of 300,000 won to be suspended;

1. Articles 70 and 69(2) of the Criminal Act (100,000 won a day) to attract a workhouse;

1. Article 59(1) of the Criminal Act of the Suspension of Pronouncement of Sentence (it takes into account all the circumstances, including the fact that the defendant was the first offender without any previous conviction, and there are circumstances that may be considered to lead to the crime of this case, and that the victim does not want the punishment due to a smooth agreement with the victim)