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대구지방법원 2016.02.17 2015고정473

Defendants are innocent.


1. The summary of the facts charged D is the head of Cheongdo-gun, Cheongdo-gun, the area subject to E (hereinafter “instant project”) and the head of Cheongdo-gun, the project implementer, G and H are the project implementer, and the Defendants, I, J, and K are those subject to the general support project in question.

The project of this case is a national subsidy project with the financial resources of the E Management Fund (funded by water use charges, additional charges, etc.) in order to improve the income of residents in the water source protection area due to the construction of a dam in L, which is 100% of the project cost of various village projects promoted every year by the residents of the village designated as the water source protection area as the general support project cost.

When the Defendants applied for the instant project through the Cheongdo Gun Office under the name of D, G, H, I, J, K (hereinafter “D, etc.”) and the project for the installation of mushroom cultivation plants, the Defendants received a letter of supply for construction costs from the person who installed the mushroom cultivation plant to submit the false supply document to the Cheongdo Gun Office, and conspired to acquire the difference by return it from the person who installed the installation business.

A. On March 201, Defendants and D, etc. submitted the instant project application for the installation of mushroom cultivation plants in the Cheongdo Environment and Office of Cheongdo Cheongdo Cheongdo Cheongdo 201, and submitted the instant written project application along with a false estimate, etc. prepared by NN operating the “M”, as if the cost of installing the mushroom growing plant in 201 was actually KRW 87,450,000 (1 Dong 1’s installation cost, KRW 5,300,000).

Defendants, D, etc., submitted false estimates, etc. to the public officials in charge of the environment of the Cheongdo Office and received 102,000,000 won subsidies from the Cheongdo Office in advance from the Cheongdo Office on March 25, 2011 by means of receiving the subsidies of KRW 102,00,000 from the Agricultural Cooperative Account (O) in advance.

B. Defendants and D, etc. are in the environment of the Cheongdo Office around May 2012.