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수원지방법원 안양지원 2012.12.12 2012고단533

A defendant shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than eight months.


Punishment of the crime

On September 2010, the defendant introduced D around September 2010, that the parents of the defendant's parents are living on the premise of marriage through C, through which they are married, and play on a singing room with C and D, and he recommended D to purchase insurance and paid insurance premiums to D, etc.

From the end of November 2010, the Defendant had sexual intercourses with CD and several times, around December 12, 2010, posted a photograph marked with D along with D on the Defendant’s “swurd wurd,” and then posted a letter that “if you want to break, you can see it only if you want to break, you can see it.” The Defendant got a gap with D, such as D and playing, and burden of automobile oil value, etc.

However, from the end of January 2011, the Defendant received a demand from C to “Ne that she will know to her husband that she has winded” at a number of times from C, which became aware of the fact that the Defendant and D had sexual intercourse with D, and came into sheed with D on March 201.

Afterwards, the Defendant demanded D to return a total of KRW 1,736,00,00, such as insurance premiums paid in lieu of D, automobile oil prices, meal charges, etc., which had been used together with D, which had been paid in lieu of D. However, when the Defendant heard a statement to request D to move from D, the Defendant received money from D, while having D file a false complaint against D with the aim of having D receive criminal punishment.

Accordingly, at around 10:20 on May 3, 201, the defendant filed a complaint with the staff in charge of money and valuables, intimidation, and rape, using a test color pen on the site of the public service center located in the public service center of the Gyeyang-gu public prosecutor's office in Gyeyang-si, which is located in the Gu Council of Suwon-si, which is located in the Gu Council of the public service of the public prosecutor's office of Gyeyang-gu, the defendant filed the complaint to the staff in charge where the name of the defendant is not known.

In addition, the defendant filed a complaint with the military police station on June 2, 201 and the criminal single team office.