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(영문) 창원지방법원 진주지원 2017.05.02 2017고단37

The sentence of sentence against the defendant shall be suspended.


Punishment of the crime

On December 22, 2016, the Defendant: (a) at the “C” located in Sacheon-si B around 21:10, and (b) at the time of dispute about the victim D (46 tax) and business attitude, the Defendant: (c) caused the victim to be bad, and (d) caused the b) caused the fluor’s disease, which is a dangerous object on his/her customer; (b) collected the fluor’s disease (m, approximately 21cm in length, about 360m, and about 360ml in capacity) on the ground that the fluor’s fluor’s fluor’s fluor’s fluor’s fluor’s fluor’s fluor’s fluor’s b

As such, the Defendant carried dangerous objects and inflicted an injury on the victim.

Summary of Evidence

1. Statement by the defendant in court;

1. A protocol concerning the suspect examination of the accused by the prosecution;

1. Statement made by the police against D;

1. A medical certificate;

1. A written agreement;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes to report internal investigation (Attachment, etc. of damaged photographs);

1. Articles 258-2 (1) and 257 (1) of the Criminal Act concerning the facts constituting an offense;

1. Articles 53 and 55 (1) 3 of the Criminal Act to mitigate small amount;

1. Six months of imprisonment to be suspended;

1. Article 59 (1) of the Criminal Act of the suspended sentence (a confession of a crime and reflectivity, primary crime, punishment unffortuent sources, contingent crime, minor injury);