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(영문) 서울서부지방법원 2014.03.28 2013고정1449

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of KRW 1,000,000.

If the defendant does not pay the above fine, 50,000 won.


Punishment of the crime

On June 30, 2012, around 02:55, the Defendant: (a) around Yongsan-gu Seoul Special Metropolitan City, around Yongsan-gu, the Defendant was knee and knenee in the number of days of treatment and knee in the part of the bridge by breaking the victim’s knife with the victim’s knife with the victim’s knife with the victim’s knife.

Summary of Evidence

1. Defendant's legal statement;

1. Statement of D police statement;

1. Application of Acts and subordinate statutes (record No. 28 pages);

1. Article 257 (1) of the Criminal Act applicable to the crimes;

1. It is so decided as per Disposition on the grounds of Articles 70 and 69(2) of the Criminal Act or more;