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(영문) 의정부지방법원 2020.11.12 2020고정1282

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of one million won.

If the defendant does not pay the above fine, KRW 100,000.


Punishment of the crime

On April 2020, the Defendant, within the Gangnam-gu Seoul Metropolitan Government Office B and C office, copied the text of “F” written by the victim D on E B B, and revised it on June 24, 2019 by inserting a duplicate of the text written on his E B, 15:10 on behalf of the previous content of the text written on his E B, and posted it.

Accordingly, the Defendant infringed without legitimate authority the victim’s copyrighted works by means of reproduction and display.

Summary of Evidence

1. Defendant's legal statement;

1. Application of the police written statement to D and the Acts and subordinate statutes governing Eable data;

1. Article 136 (1) 1 of the Copyright Act and Article 136 (1) 1 of the same Act concerning criminal facts, the selection of fines;

1. Articles 70 (1) and 69 (2) of the Criminal Act for the detention of a workhouse;

1. Article 334 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act of the provisional payment order;