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(영문) 서울서부지방법원 2019.03.13 2019고정46

Defendant shall be punished by a fine of KRW 500,000.

Where the defendant fails to pay the above fine, one hundred thousand won shall be one day.


Punishment of the crime

The defendant partly revised the facts charged in the indictment to the extent that it does not cause disadvantage to the defendant's right of defense. The defendant is a person who works as a broadband master in the main place, and the victim B ( South and 48 years old) is a person who engages in transportation business for cargo lanes of 25 tons.

They are not known to each other.

On February 9, 2018, the victim was one of the meals that temporarily parked Fsch Rexton vehicles in the above place in order to drink at the ‘E' restaurant located in Seodaemun-gu Seoul Metropolitan Government' on February 23:13, 2018.

The Defendant, while under the influence of alcohol, she was seated in a wooden pole installed in front of the above place where she intends to break down, and expected to brush the front door of the fexton vehicle, thereby creating a brushing country with the repair cost of KRW 200,000,000 in the shape of the vehicle.

Summary of Evidence

1. The police statement concerning B;

1. A written statement prepared B;

1. The photograph of the damaged vehicle, the victim, and the damaged vehicle photograph (it is reasonable to deem that the vehicle was damaged as stated in the facts charged, considering the following circumstances acknowledged by the above evidence: (a) the defendant was unsatisfing the head door of the above vehicle as at the time of the discovery, the location of the satch of the satch, the shape of the satch, etc., in full view of the defendant's act, it is reasonable to deem that the vehicle was damaged as stated in the facts charged).

1. Article 36 of the Criminal Act and Article 366 of the Criminal Act concerning the crime, the choice of fines;

1. Articles 70 (1) and 69 (2) of the Criminal Act for the detention of a workhouse;

1. It is so decided as per Disposition for not less than Article 334(1) of the Criminal Procedure Act.