(영문) 서울남부지방법원 2015.11.24 2015가단28597



1. The Defendants shall jointly and severally pay to the Plaintiff KRW 170,000,000 and the interest rate thereon from March 14, 2012 to the date of full payment.


On July 21, 2010, the Plaintiff loaned KRW 170,000,00 to Defendant A at an annual interest rate of 38% (44% per annum), and on July 20, 201, respectively. The Plaintiff received interest and delay damages calculated at an annual interest rate of 30% on the above loan up to March 13, 2012. The Plaintiff and Defendant A, taking into account the overall purport of each of the arguments described in subparagraphs 1 through 4, may be recognized as prescribed in Article 150(3) and (1) of the Civil Procedure Act.

Thus, the defendants are jointly and severally liable to pay to the plaintiff 170,000,000 won as loans and damages for delay calculated by the rate of 30% per annum within the scope of the agreed interest rate from March 14, 2012 to the date of full payment, which have not yet been paid to the plaintiff as principal debtor or joint and several sureties.

The plaintiff's claim against the defendants is justified, and it is so decided as per Disposition.