대전지방법원 서산지원 2012.09.13 2012고합35




A Imprisonment for four years, Defendant B’s imprisonment for three years, Defendant C’s imprisonment for one year and six months, Defendant D, and Defendant D.


Punishment of the crime

Defendant A, “2012 High 35,” the purpose of Defendant A, the president of the Agricultural Partnership E, the representative director of the same company, N in the business director and the head of the Industrial Complex Center of the same company, Defendant C in the above company, Defendant D (representative director B) is a corporation established for the purpose of health and food sales business, etc., and Defendant E in the agricultural partnership (representative director B) is a corporation established for the purpose of cultivating Blug velug vege vege vegetable vegetable vegetable tons and co-operation.


A, Defendant B, and N conspired to sell the health food of “O” with the structure of multi-level marketing and disguisedly established a center in order to receive investments from many and unspecified persons for the purpose of purchasing health food, etc. and appoint the head of the center in 26 regions, such as Ansan, Seosan, and budget, for the purpose of receiving investments from them without delay, and had the head of the center recruit investors in the multi-level marketing form and make the investment in the company.

1. He/she shall not engage in any fund-raising activity without permission under any other Act and subordinate statutes, such as receiving contributions from an unspecified number of people without obtaining authorization or permission, or filing for registration or reporting under any other Act and subordinate statutes;

Nevertheless, the Defendants did not obtain authorization, permission, registration, or report pursuant to the relevant Acts and subordinate statutes, and Defendant C purchased 20 million won of disease (or 440,000 won of disease) by investing in (or (or (or (or (or (or (or (or (or)) area) area of Seocho-si P on April 22, 201, from (or (or (or (or (or) area) area of (or (or (or (or) area) area of (or (or (or (or) area) area of (or (or (or (a) area) area of (or (or (b) area of (or (or (a) area) area of (or (b) area of (or (a) area (or (b) area) area of (or (or (c) area (or (or (d) area) area) area of (or